7 Ways Professional Website Designing helps Cottage & Small Scale Industry



The Internet has made the world a much smaller place. Someone in London can now buy Banarasi Sari with access to almost as many varieties as one in India. A Website for your business, therefore, irrespective of its size or the products they handle has become a great instrument for success.

As per a survey conducted, more than 85% people look up the internet to find the local business. That is a huge part of the business which can definitely not be ignored.  A website helps you stay in business and be relevant in the market.

The look of a Website goes a long way in capturing the attention of potential buyers. It is a decisive factor which can swing the decision of buyers. The task of designing a website, therefore, is best when left in the hands of a professional website designer.

A professional web designing team will have all the right combination of talents and skills that are needed to design a website with all the elements that are needed to help scale your business up.

Among all the benefits of professional website designing, there are seven which definitely can be considered as factors which hold a lot of significance in making a business successful. They are basic reasons that hold a lot of significance in the business world.

1. Brokers or middle men eliminated

Probably one of the biggest challenges small scale businesses face is that of capturing the market. This is often either due to lack of sales skills or connections in the market. And so, small businesses often have to approach middle men or broker agents to sell their product who charges a hefty fee in return. A website helps you reach the customer directly thus eliminating brokers and increasing your profit margins.

2. Easier to feel the pulse of customers

Professional Website Designing comes with an array of services like tracking website traffic and customer conversion and sales. Analysing these data help you feel and understand the pulse of your customers.

Every business person is well aware that understanding consumer trends are crucial for business growth as this information often form the base for a major economic decision like purchasing cycle, sales cycle, customer trend and preferences to name a few.

3. A Wider Market Reach

The major advantage of Internet is its instant reach in any part of the globe anytime. This anytime anywhere access, for a business translates to a wider market reach. With the help of a website, you can access your customers in any part of the globe 24X7. A professional website designing will ensure your business can optimise this reach.

4. Targeting Specific audience or Select Marketing is Easier

Every product has a specific target audience. Reaching the target audience is a big challenge in a physical market. However, with a website, you can very easily reach your target audience with lesser effort.

You can market your product specifically in social and other popular websites with frequent customers for your product. For example, if you are selling cameras, you can market more on websites for photographers.

5. Cheaper than Managing Physical Store

Maintaining or managing a website is way cheaper than managing a physical store. A physical store has many recurring expenditures like real estate rent, sales representatives and other shop employee salary etc. that eat up on the profit. With a website, these costs are minimized if not completely eliminated.

6. Requires Lesser Manpower to Run Business

With the minimizing of physical store space, the manpower cost of the business goes down significantly as multi-tasking becomes easier. If a website is well designed, it can become a great sales pitch itself as are well versed in optimizing your website visibility.


7. Better ROI than Paid Advertisement & Marketing

Paid advertisements come with the recurring cost of periodic payment. However, a Website designed by professional includes features like, link-up to famous social sites, SEO services to help get better ranking in a search engines organic or natural search etc. to help in marketing. This helps minimize cost involved in the traditional style of marketing.


The country is going through a major change in economic transaction system with the shift towards increasing use of technology. This has made it essential for every business irrespective of their size to have their online presence. A professional Web Designing team helps to get you an extra edge in the market.

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