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Technology is revolutionizing the K- 12 environment, higher education institutions and learning- focused organizations. Latest technology trends today showcase 6 technology disciplines that we can see in the classrooms. Cloud Computing Using web- based tools, students, educators and parents can collaborate online. One of the biggest attractions of cloud computing is that it is saving schools money and resources. Mobile Technology  K- 12 schools are increasingly seeing the potential of mobile devices – and nothing that not only are the devices themselves less expensive than […]

  New technology affects everyone sooner or later. Some ideas are hyped as the next biggest technology tool ever, yet just as quickly fade out from the latest Technologies. Some ideas will develop into the biggest industry standard that will impact businesses far and wide for years to come. Whether you run a small office with just a few staff members around you, or you’re in charge of dozens of employees in several locations throughout the world, one of your job duties is to continue […]

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