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Technology is revolutionizing the K- 12 environment, higher education institutions and learning- focused organizations. Latest technology trends today showcase 6 technology disciplines that we can see in the classrooms. Cloud Computing Using web- based tools, students, educators and parents can collaborate online. One of the biggest attractions of cloud computing is that it is saving schools money and resources. Mobile Technology  K- 12 schools are increasingly seeing the potential of mobile devices – and nothing that not only are the devices themselves less expensive than […]

Republican presidential fore-runner Donald Trump said Indians studying in American educational institutions should not be kicked out as the country needed smart people like them as he sought to set the record straight about his immigration policies. Trump, 69, told Fox News in an interview when asked about his views on legal immigration. He said US-educated He said:”They cannot come into the country. You know, they go to Harvard, they are first in their class and they’re from India they go back to India and […]

Mobile devices have become the booming platform for consuming digital media. A growing range of apps, cloud-based tools, and other innovations allow teachers, students, and institutions to enhance learning. As the majority spend more time consuming media on mobile devices and less time reading on newspapers, magazines, and desktop computers, publishers must adapt their distribution strategies to align with the mobile shift. It has been examined that, how both traditional and digital publishers are adjusting their strategies in the face of rapidly increasing mobile media […]

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