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Starting a startup is easy but turning it into a profitable enterprise is challenging. The strategies should be planned such that growth is on a steady curve. Successful startups have to keep up with the changing wants and needs of customers on a regular basis. A lot of them are now leveraging technology to scale out and target their potential customers using an effective approach. Get on the Cloud Cloud based systems allow business to communicate and share information from any given place at any […]

StartAP Fest held at StartAP Lounge, CBM Compound, and Visakhapatnam on 5th and 6th of March, sponsored by Innovation Society of AP Government ad OMICS International, brought over 1200 youngsters, mostly students and entrepreneurs to share their ideas, innovations and views which attracted investors evincing keenness to fund startups. Many students and entrepreneurs explore entrepreneurship across the state, several investors from US and Europe said they were looking for the right opportunity to put their money. Atal Malviya, lead founder of Spark10 and Bradford said: […]

         Wait till your client cools down Nothing works until their level of anger or disappointment of your client fades. After few months, your client will be in a much better head space to consider you again. But don’t wait too long, as most of your client’s might take you misunderstood.   Build a team to restore the equation. Make sure you have the correct executive for this client. Prefer hiring an executive who can be a stronger leader or has a fresh perspective to offer. Have […]

I’m a non – technical person, but even before I could understand what a startup was I wanted to make one. Finding tech co-founders has been the biggest challenge for me. Therefore, that resulted into innumerable failures and blunders. But I did manage to build an awesome team of three tech-savvy co-founders, and I hope my advice helps you have similar success in much less time. Finding a tech person Good tech nerds can be found anywhere, if your idea is so simple that any developer could build it […]

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