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  The economy of our country has greatly benefited from the free market policy.As a result, India has witnessed substantial growth in the past couple of decades. This growth also brings with it a great amount of competition between businesses for market space. The survival of a company in today’s economy therefore amongst other factors, depends on how good a business is in reducing their cost of production while maintaining the competitive price. One of the most productive ways to control and reduce cost is […]

Set up your goals: long term and short term Decide what is best for you. Plan, where you would like to see yourself next week, next quarter, next 2 years, or even next 20 years. You must decide for yourself what are you wanting from your life, and why you are still where you are.     2. Do not lazy planning Do not invest too much time for planning. Sometimes you sit and think and just kept thinking. Usually this phenomenon can eat much time. […]

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