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Smartphone and social technologies have given customers immense power. The ability to find information in seconds puts them in control of their own experience, and this trend has made it essential for marketers to rethink their customer engagement for effective implementation of Brand Marketing Strategy. In order to build brand engagement, you need to know what added value consumers want and what they expect from your brand. That’s where market research can help you identify those consumer wants and needs, many of which are rooted […]

As per Google survey, 97% of users look for local business online and this makes Online Presence Management crucial for business success. Almost everyone in the 21st century looks up a business online before buying and product. When most of the customers are online it is a necessity for every business to have an online presence for the business to establish itself as well as for branding. Today’s market necessitates a strong online presence as a fundamental constituent of marketing strategy, irrespective of the size […]

  At Facebook’s annual F8 conference on Tuesday 12th April, Facebook unveiled a handful of new tools for developers that simplify user experiences and more user friendly. For the first time, Facebook is giving app developers an option to let users log in to their apps with only their phone number or email address. The tool, called “Account Kit” eliminates the need for users to create passwords, which makes easier for developers to get more people to sign in to their apps. Facebook’s head Deborah Liu said Face book’s login, which launched about […]

    Instagram has got several features and tools that you can take advantage of to improve your whole marketing strategy. If you’re only using Instagram to share photos on Instagram, you’re missing out on many more opportunities to market your brand. Instagram Pictures You spend hours on Photoshop or make big payments to graphic designers to create images for your brand when you have Instagram right at your fingertips. Now, I understand the real value of a great designer and Instagram won’t replace them. […]

Google added access other email accounts through their app .Unfortunately, those non-Gmail accounts didn’t gain access to the features that make Google’s version of email so great. Therefore now Google is changing that by letting you Gmailify your Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail/ accounts. So what exactly is Gmailify? It’s a shorthand version of forwarding your email from other services to Gmail. That way, Gmail can offer you some of its best features. Here are some of the perks you can expect: Better spam protection Sorting […]

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