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Top Whatsapp Tricks

Therefore following few tips and tricks that will help users to gain better accessibility:Whatsapp is one most popular messaging apps utilised by more than 1 billion users globally. Whatsapp is going enormously not only in terms of user base but also in case of its features. The recent feature updates are Call Back ,Voicemail options they are also working on video calling feature. The other features are text formatting, quote message, tap to speak, Whatsapp for web and many more. Many users are unaware of […]

    How far do you expect that the phone would last after it is fully charged? Do you expect the same potential that the old Nokia mobiles could sustain? Once charged, they would last days. But that is not the case possible with the smartphone. A smartphone does so many things that it just can’t last for days, unless you are only using it to make calls and a smartphone that is constantly plugged to the charger is no good. In fact, if you are […]

Every Android-powered Smartphone or tablet user should know the precautions to protect the devices when stolen. The good news is that Google has a solution. Google released a tool called Android Device Manager. This tool enables Android device owners to track and lock their misplaced phones and tablets. In case of device being stolen, the Device Manager also lets wipe all of their personal data from the phone, essentially forcing it to reset to its original factory settings. It is an important feature for business […]

  At Facebook’s annual F8 conference on Tuesday 12th April, Facebook unveiled a handful of new tools for developers that simplify user experiences and more user friendly. For the first time, Facebook is giving app developers an option to let users log in to their apps with only their phone number or email address. The tool, called “Account Kit” eliminates the need for users to create passwords, which makes easier for developers to get more people to sign in to their apps. Facebook’s head Deborah Liu said Face book’s login, which launched about […]

  Apple has released an updated build for iOS9.3 which will be able to tackle the bug that is causing earlier versions of iPhone and iPad that caused apps to crash or freeze when opening links. The new version is also called iOS 9.3 but has an updated build called 13E5237. Apple released a second edition of the iOS 9.3 update for these older devices, which allows users to skip the Apple ID check before the device is activated and boot it up, as is […]

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