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    How far do you expect that the phone would last after it is fully charged? Do you expect the same potential that the old Nokia mobiles could sustain? Once charged, they would last days. But that is not the case possible with the smartphone. A smartphone does so many things that it just can’t last for days, unless you are only using it to make calls and a smartphone that is constantly plugged to the charger is no good. In fact, if you are […]

Most of the Smart phones today are powerful in features, but not a great battery life.  A number of factors have conspired to reduce gadget endurance since many years. Few designing factors also yield a reason for bad battery life, as few Smart phones have got thinner designs with less room for batteries, larger and brighter screens, faster quad – core processors , more software that runs in background, and power hungry GPS radios all share the responsibility. There are few measures that can be […]

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