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Facebook announces WhatsApp will no longer support some phones with older platforms as they cannot keep up with the app’s features Changes will affect Windows, Android and iOSby the end of the year and by June 2017, WhatsApp is also no longer going to be available for BlackBerry, Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60 WhatsApp has announced it will be phasing out support a range of older mobile operating platforms by the end of the year. It will no longer support for older Windows, Android and Apple […]

Google has released an update to its Google Map service on major platforms such as Android, iOS and Web. The new update comes with a clean look and more user-friendly appearance initiating a new tweaked topography and removing the existing road outlines. This new Google Map update will bring more points of interest, train stations and other spots. Zhou Bailiang , UX Designer, Google Maps and Mark Li, Software Engineer at Google,said that “Google is updating Maps for desktop, Android and iOS to give it […]

  Tim Cook – The CEO of Apple Inc, called on Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on Saturday and shared his future plans of India. Mr. Tim Cook expressed his gratitude upon the warmth he received from Indians. He described his visit to different parts of the country and his meetings with people, including youth, business leaders, and film actors. The Prime Minister, appreciating Mr. Cook, said that in India, ‘seeing is believing’ and added that these experiences would definitely steer Mr. Cook’s business […]

  New Windows 10 will allow developers to easily incorporate both Android and iOS apps on the Windows platform as well as on Win- 32 apps. Since the arrival of smart phones, a healthy debate has originated about which operating system being the supreme. It primarily involves 2 contender’s iOS and Android.  Microsoft announced that its new Windows 10 will allow developers to easily reconcile both Android and iOS apps on the Windows platform as well as incorporate older Win32- based apps . Now there […]

When you buy an iPhone, you’re stuck with as much storage as you decided to buy at the get-go where as Android phones, however, have a microSD card slot, so you can easily and cheaply buy more storage space. If your Android battery starts sucking, you can often remove it and replace it with a new one. Can’t do that with an iPhone. You can use a bunch of different Android phones (including the HTC One, LG G3, and the Galaxy S5) as remote controls, […]

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