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Facebook announces WhatsApp will no longer support some phones with older platforms as they cannot keep up with the app’s features Changes will affect Windows, Android and iOSby the end of the year and by June 2017, WhatsApp is also no longer going to be available for BlackBerry, Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60 WhatsApp has announced it will be phasing out support a range of older mobile operating platforms by the end of the year. It will no longer support for older Windows, Android and Apple […]

  At Facebook’s annual F8 conference on Tuesday 12th April, Facebook unveiled a handful of new tools for developers that simplify user experiences and more user friendly. For the first time, Facebook is giving app developers an option to let users log in to their apps with only their phone number or email address. The tool, called “Account Kit” eliminates the need for users to create passwords, which makes easier for developers to get more people to sign in to their apps. Facebook’s head Deborah Liu said Face book’s login, which launched about […]

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