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We as a generation are going digital. But what does it mean for a company to become a digital enterprise? At a basic level, it means using digital technology as an integral part of the business for getting the work done. A customer in today’s world expects their market to be online and available 24/7. They expect the website to work on their phone and expect your automated email systems to work. With the advancement of the extensive use of technology, these features have ceased […]

Marketing is a word so widely known that it requires no introduction. It is one of the pillars in which today’s economy depends on . Marketing helps you convey to your target audience, the look, and feel of your business. Based on the projection of your business through marketing, consumers decide whether to buy the product or not. For any business to grow successful, marketing of the business is vital. Be it a service or a product the good advertisement is very important for it […]

  The economy of our country has greatly benefited from the free market policy.As a result, India has witnessed substantial growth in the past couple of decades. This growth also brings with it a great amount of competition between businesses for market space. The survival of a company in today’s economy therefore amongst other factors, depends on how good a business is in reducing their cost of production while maintaining the competitive price. One of the most productive ways to control and reduce cost is […]

For any businessman, the main motto of running a successful business is striving for high profits and covering the invested amount.  But, there are very few entrepreneurs who know how to attain popularity among their clients. Entrepreneurs who keep their business updated with the latest technological developments are the ones who roll out their business world by storm. iPhone apps and other mobile applications have proved to project almost every business successfully to reach the customers in the most easiest way. Therefore, in today’s world, every […]

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