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A recent survey shows that 80% of the users access a website through search engines. That is why your website appearing at the top of search engine results pages can make a great impact on increasing your site traffic & ultimately sales and revenue through conversion. Maximizing the effectiveness of search engine optimization (SEO) requires the use of strategic, content-focused tactics as one of the main components of effective SEO. Additionally, search engines also consider factors like the duration visitors stay on your site, bounce rate, broken links, pages viewed, inbound and outbound links to name a few. Using these factors strategically can help improve your site ranking significantly.

Here are some of the ways that can help improve the effectiveness of SEO.

Approach Keywords Strategically

Proper keyword research is the backdrop of SEO campaign that sets the stage and lays the groundwork for an SEO campaign.One effective way is using long tail keywords.Long-tail keywords are the keywords and search phrases that are slightly longer and more specific.

The keyword should be as specific to your business as possible with a conversational sound and not marketing vibe. Just consider how you search for things online. That’s why to focus on publishing content with relevant information, and the keywords will get automatically included in your page and long-tail search traffic can automatically get captured resulting in better conversion rate.

For example, instead of typing vague keyword phrase like “sarees” for online saree website a specific keyword phrase such as “best silk saree designs” is more likely to be selected by someone who’s looking to buy a saree.

Always Stick to Original Content

Always be mindful of the content publish to ensure duplication is avoided. Duplication of content along with posting copyright violation also impacts the reliability of your site which can have a negative impact on your ratings.

Make sure the content published is original by doing periodic checks of your content in tools like CopyScape, SiteLiner and Screaming Frog.

Start Blogging

Blogging page is one of the most effective ways to continually update your site with relevant and current content. With the help of tools like Google Analytics, you can identify the most popular and current content that can help improve your SEO.

Use Responsive Web Design

With the majority of users accessing the internet using mobile devices of varied size and screen resolution, major search engines low base the ranking of websites based on the responsiveness of a site. Responsive design will also by make your website user-friendly thereby improving your ranking.

Include Videos and other Multimedia

Videos, images, slideshows and audio are more effective as users mostly get attracted to visual objects than texts.With most of us using smartphones which give great quality videos, images or audio you can easily create content economically. Publish slideshows with images and interesting content. The presence of both audio and visual content makes videos a great content for improving SEO

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