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  Technology has brought about drastic changes in how businesses run. Instead of looking up in phone books, potential clients are  now using online search engines, to check your website for contact information, and comparing your website to competitor’s in order to determine who can best suit their requirement. A professionally built website is, therefore, not only beneficial but necessary if you want to stand out from your competition. Every business owner should realize the benefits of spending money on getting a website built professionally […]

Google on its 18th Birthday announced a varied range of initiatives specially designed for India. India the 2nd largest internet user market has about 50% of its population under the age of 25 thus making it a great business opportunity for the American technology giant. In order to capture the multi-lingual market, Google has announced quite a few apps in the Hindi language. This move can definitely help Google set a much stronger foot into the yet uncaptured market of diverse languages. “Google’s aim has […]

Facebook has come up with a new feature for Android app users to save videos while offline viewing. The video can be saved inside the app in the saved section, and is not accessible independently to users. Facebook will be showing a ‘Save video’ option in the drop down menu of a Facebook video post, this feature has the facility to save and view offline for as many number of times the user wishes to, the user also has the facility to delete as per his […]

  The only imperishable rule for a consistent entrepreneurial growth is Earn Revenue! You cannot just work with hard work alone; because you need to pay your bills and raise revenue otherwise the business will gradually die. Here are four fast ideas for rapid revenue for a consistent outcome. Leverage your existing fan base.  The best and most reliable source of revenue comes from your existing fan base. The reason being they already trust your products and services. Now is the time to add new value […]

A small business blog is a marketing tool if you’re an entrepreneur just starting out this is very important. You probably think of marketing and sales as synonyms, interchangeable in definition and in purpose. Sales are the process of getting a customer to buy; marketing is how you position your product, find your customers, and decide how you’re going to reach them. Why do people go to the Internet? Believe it or not, users don’t browse the Internet for the sole purpose of buying your […]

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