Monthly Archives: March 2017

Cloud Technology to IT amateurs like us might sound like a very heavy word; however, we as internet users have been using cloud technology every day of our lives. Cloud technology or cloud computing is being increasingly used in many online services to send email, edit documents, watch movies or TV, listen to music, play games or store pictures and other files. Cloud Technology has been developed for more efficient handling of applications that relies on sharing computing resources instead of using local servers or […]

Today’s technology is built on what was considered fiction in the past. And one such immensely interesting technology that was a part of fiction stories until recently is that of Robots or intelligent machines that can think, feel and learn just like humans. Many writers shot to fame writing fictions about robots and machines with feelings and emotions just like human beings. These work of fiction often left us awestruck, dreaming of the day when we have real robots just like in those stories. There […]

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