Monthly Archives: August 2016

For any businessman, the main motto of running a successful business is striving for high profits and covering the invested amount.  But, there are very few entrepreneurs who know how to attain popularity among their clients. Entrepreneurs who keep their business updated with the latest technological developments are the ones who roll out their business world by storm. iPhone apps and other mobile applications have proved to project almost every business successfully to reach the customers in the most easiest way. Therefore, in today’s world, every […]

    How far do you expect that the phone would last after it is fully charged? Do you expect the same potential that the old Nokia mobiles could sustain? Once charged, they would last days. But that is not the case possible with the smartphone. A smartphone does so many things that it just can’t last for days, unless you are only using it to make calls and a smartphone that is constantly plugged to the charger is no good. In fact, if you are […]

Google has finally launched a feature that allows users who have purchased apps, games, TV shows and books with other users. It is a unique feature that family members accessing this application can share purchases from Google Play store and utilize it for buying an app, game, movie, TV show, or buy a book in the Play Store. This feature is known as “the Google Play Family Library”, this feature is estimated to be a rival of Apple’s two- year-old family sharing plan available in […]

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