Monthly Archives: May 2016

  Tim Cook – The CEO of Apple Inc, called on Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on Saturday and shared his future plans of India. Mr. Tim Cook expressed his gratitude upon the warmth he received from Indians. He described his visit to different parts of the country and his meetings with people, including youth, business leaders, and film actors. The Prime Minister, appreciating Mr. Cook, said that in India, ‘seeing is believing’ and added that these experiences would definitely steer Mr. Cook’s business […]

  The only imperishable rule for a consistent entrepreneurial growth is Earn Revenue! You cannot just work with hard work alone; because you need to pay your bills and raise revenue otherwise the business will gradually die. Here are four fast ideas for rapid revenue for a consistent outcome. Leverage your existing fan base.  The best and most reliable source of revenue comes from your existing fan base. The reason being they already trust your products and services. Now is the time to add new value […]

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